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Starting Your Smile

We've Got Your Smile's Back

Heights Orthodontics offers patients who start and finish orthodontic treatment with us an unlimited retainer replacement package over a 5 year period. Enrolling in the program can save you money on potential retainer emergencies and protect one of your biggest investments – your smile!

Pet Chewed on Retainer?

Worn Down?

Lost Retainer?

Accidentally Thrown Away?


How It Works

Patients who started or completed treatment at Heights Orthodontics are eligible for the Retainer Program. With our program, patients receive unlimited clear, removable retainers for 5 years. The Retainer Program also covers limited express treatment up to 5 retainers. The cost is a one-time, flat fee of $600 that can be paid off over time with a payment plan. Patients can enroll at any point during or after treatment.

Your free consultation will allow you to meet our wonderful, caring team and get to know Dr. Trulby.

He’ll be happy to help you find treatment options that are best suited to your needs and to help you learn more about orthodontics.