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Rebecca V.

“I went to Dr. Trulby for Invisalign treatment and my experience could not have been better! He is extremely knowledgable and took the time to explain everything to me and answer all of my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know.”

Rafael C.

“Dr. Ryan is a very pleasant person to be around and it is always a nice time seeing him for an appointment. More importantly, he is an excellent orthodontist who has meticulously corrected my overbite and straightened my teeth. Before going in for my initial consultation, I was worried that the process would be too time consuming or that my issue couldn’t be fixed. Dr. Ryan answered all my questions and explained exactly what he was doing and the expected time frame, and he was spot on in his assessment. I now have straight teeth and the process was very easy. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan as he’s very diligent and puts a great deal of effort into fixing your teeth and keeping you informed.”

Mike S.

“I had very crooked teeth for years and never had braces as a kid. The positioning of my teeth also led to gum problems. Dr Trulby recommended and got me fitted for Invisalign. It was a quick and easy process to start and I only had to stop in for check-ups periodically. It only took a little over one year to complete and my teeth are now perfectly straight with no gum problems. I highly recommend.”

Morgan C.

“One of the best! I went to Dr. Trulby for a consultation because I’ve always had a significant over bite with crooked teeth which progressively got worse over time. Dr. Trulby presented me with all of my options, including Invisalign, metal braces, and surgery. With each of these options, he clearly provided the pros and cons of each with his suggestions. I appreciated his knowledge as well as compassion for wanting to get me the best results possible. Reluctantly, I took his advice for surgery (tooth removal) as well as the Invisalign. My over bite is practically gone now and my teeth are straight. Going to Dr. Trulby in the first place, could have saved me years in orthodontics due to trials with headgear, expanders, metal braces, and retainers that never got me close to the results I was hoping for. He was always straightforward and honest and guided me in the best direction possible. His professionalism over the course of the entire process was incredible.”